Smudging Ritual Kit [Mountain Sage]



  • Handmade concrete smudging plate.

  • Mountain Sage wand dipped in Dragons blood resin. 

  • Two sticks of Peruvian Palo Santo.

  • Apothecary Matchstick jar.

  • Scented tea light candle.

  • Instruction/description booklet.

  • Gift wrapped as shown. 


SMUDGING:  This mystical tradition is a centuries-old spiritual practice that has evolved into a daily ritual for those of us seeking to attract and maintain a positive flow of energy and good vibes.  Smudging is the act of cleansing your aura before you feed your soul through ceremony or ritual; a practice for transforming the energy of a person or space.  Smudging with intention helps draw our awareness inward, helping us stay grounded while keeping our hearts open.  Although there are many sacred plants that have been used around the world for this purpose, it is believed that Palo Santo and White Sage are among the most powerful.

How to use: light one end long enough for it to catch fire (Warning: Sage will ignite faster), blow out the flame, waft throughout your space, and set your intention for the day. Place in a fire safe container or smudging plate when finished.

  • $26.00
  • $26.00